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Blocco dello scrittore: Goodness gracious

Have you even had a moment, an hour, or a day that renewed your faith in the fundamental goodness of humankind?

well today kind of did the opposite :|

MY BUTT IS SAVED THOUGH, my pastor is letting me borrow her laptop and put sai on it, i tell you what though, going on FA is going to be awkkkk, CLEAR HISTORY PLZ

i just, what, people are so crazy nice to me (i guess this answers the ~question~)

windows 7 is crazy, i cannot figure out right clicking again :I

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hello babbies

recommend/send me some music, i'm bored. I don't care if you think i won't like it.

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    standing in the way of the trolls
Art: Martine

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asdklfjasgkasgldasklfj ugh finalssssssssss im so tired. I have two paintings to finish n_m and a commission for my friend of her ~family~ that i am in inking progress with

i got 4 hours of sleep last night ^______^ Coffee is pretty much the best thing ever.

plus some stuff came up that i would feel really sad missing SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i have to get sum money from commissions...

and then wait for it to transfer...

also i am hungry